CREATIVE Digital Signs can be installed at almost any business location to provide an appealing and engaging visual environment to promote products and services or improve communications with your customers and employees. If you are looking to add to your bottom line while simultaneously promoting your business, Contact Us!

These businesses include retail stores, health clubs, leading hotels, upscale busy restaurants, technology offices, coffee shops, and more.


Ad-Supported Digital Signs. A HOST is the business that provides wall space to display external community-based advertisements, or internal sales promotions. Depending on your geographic location and customer foot traffic, you may qualify to become CREATIVE HOST.

CREATIVE typically pays HOSTs a monthly income when our high definition screens are running at 75% capacity or more. PLUS, all HOSTs receive 2 FREE Advertisements.

Non Ad-Supported Signs, for example Digital Menu Boards, have no external advertisements. These dedicated signs are priced differently than Ad-Supported screens. But we are also flexible enough to support a mix of Digital Menus and Community Advertisement supported screens in your location(s) if desired.

In non-community advertising supported businesses, the HOST pays CREATIVE a moderate monthly service fee to schedule, maintain, and run your messages and internal  promotions. Pricing is based on level of support and hardware costs. Of course we give multi-location discounts.

HOST Locations

Our Services are currently only available in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are looking to expand into Scottsdale, AZ and Santa Barbara, CA. If you have a prospective HOST location in any of these locations, please Contact Us!

We use licensed contractors to install our systems at our expense in prominent physical locations within your place of business.  Typically, the best locations are where people are queued in line, or another location in your facility with high customer and/or employee foot traffic. 

In some cases the installation may require an additional electrical outlet and router.  NEW! we can now fabricate custom flush-mount enclosures capable of hiding the rear of the screen where needed. If possible, we install your system during hours that minimize impact on your business operations. You can also use your own contractor at your expense.

Our Services

Let CREATIVE do the work! After we discuss your specific needs and timetable, We will provide a Cost Estimate that meets your monthly budget, a hardware Installation Plan (optionally using your engineering resources), and a Marketing Plan. Then we (or your agency) will Create Your Ad and we will implement the plan. It's that simple! Contact Us!