Your ads or messages to run in HOST business locations. Our community-based advertisers are typically restaurants, art galleries, hair salons, health clubs, dentists, realtors, and others. We also support advertising for special events such as concerts or sporting events, and we can display most political ads.


With CREATIVE Digital Signs you can Create Your Ad using your in-house creative resource or advertising agency. Or, CREATIVE Design Representatives can source the image for you with your logo and text that you provide. We support:

  • Static Images
  • Moving Images and Text
  • Full Motion Video

Your ad can run for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, or more.  We can update your message three times per week to once per quarter. And we have two display options to suit your budget.

Standard Ads occupy the full screen but share a small ad or QR code with CREATIVE Digital Signs.
Premium Ads also take up the full screen but do not include our advertisement.  Premium Ads can include your own QR code that we create or a Google Map to your place of business. The QR code can link directly to your website.

And CREATIVE limits competing ads from being displayed. For example, if you are a Hair Salon, we restrict the number of additional salon ADVERTISERS.

We also support Digital Menu Boards, internal promotions, or other messaging applications that are NOT supported via community-based advertising. Contact Us for more information for this type of network.



You can easily end your ad campaign at any time. And you can restart your ads just as fast. All we require is a deposit paid when you provide your content to us. The balance is paid MONTHLY to CREATIVE via PayPal after your campaign is up and running at a HOST business location.

What are you waiting for? Watch your business grow with CREATIVE Digital Signs. Contact Us now!